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When it comes to reaching your health and nutrition goals realistically, I am your girl! I am a Registered Dietitian with expertise in fitness, clinical nutrition, and weight loss. My years of education, working in clinical practice, and years in the fitness industry have given me insight for realistic fitness and health. I hope to pass this on to you! Journey with me as we become our best selves.

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I believe in a realistic and sustainable approach to nutrition and fitness. I view food as fuel that powers our bodies, and recognize that our bodies were made to move! Above all, I believe in finding balance in nutrition, fitness, and overall health.Chelsea S. Ebrus RD, LD

Nutrition Course: Coming soon!

What is considered “healthy?” How many calories should I be eating? What is a macro? In this video series, I explain food, weight loss, and exercise in a way that we can all understand.


Food and calories

Ok I think I eat “healthy” and I love food..but am I doing it right? Plus, what is a calorie?


Understanding Nutrients

Macronutrients, micronutrients, vitamins, minerals..ok I’m getting confused. Let’s break it down!


Nutrition and Exercise

Well I love food and I love working out, but how do I balance the two? What should I be eating after my workout? Learn how to balance it all here.

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