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How to Make Kombucha

Have you ever drank kombucha before and wondered how to make your own kombucha? Well I have. The stuff is classified as a fermented beverage, and is packed full of good bacteria called probiotics, which are important for gut health. Think of it as growing healthy bacteria to replenish your body. As someone who has struggled with a finicky gut my whole life, I am always interested in keeping a healthy gut! Your gut naturally contains healthy bacteria that help to carry out chemical reactions and functions in the body. Diet, antibiotics, and unhealthy habits can all wreak havoc on the delicate balance of gut bacteria. My interest in komucha started last year; I was buying kombucha from my local HEB store and at $3 each, I wondered if I could make something that was just as good. I continued to buy it for a while longer to save up enough glass bottles, and I did some research. Turns out, it was not that difficult!

kombucha, food and flex, chelsea ebrus, how to make kombucha, recipe, dietitian, what to eat

First, I bought a SCOBY, which stands for symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, from Poseymom. She sends you a SCOBY for $8.99, complete with some starter liquid for your first batch of tea. Then, I purchased a 1-gallon glass USDA fermentation jar from Amazon (it has to be glass!). The rest of the ingredients I picked up from the grocery store.

I brewed the tea, added sugar, let it cool, added my SCOBY, covered it for a week, and voila, my own batch of kombucha! If i am being honest, my first batch didn’t taste as good as my later batches, but it is all a learning process. So here you go, my process to kombucha brewing. If you want, you can also follow along with me in my video.

How to make kombucha:


  1. Black tea. 8-10 bags. Not Earl Grey, not green tea. Black tea, which can be flavored.
  2. 1 gallon of water.
  3. 1 cup white sugar. Don’t worry about sugar not being healthy blah blah blah. The bacteria need it to feed off of and grow.
  4. 1 cup of already brewed kombucha. You can use some that you get at the grocery store, or if you buy from the seller I linked above, she sends some with the SCOBY.
  5. SCOBY! You will need to buy this or get from a generous friend.

Boil the water and brew your tea. Let it get nice and dark. Add the sugar and stir until dissolved. Add ice if you want it to cool quicker, but you need to let it cool to room temperature or else you will kill your SCOBY. Once it is cooled, add the tea, cup of already brewed kombucha, and the SCOBY, to the glass fermentation jar. Now cover this with a clean cloth of some sort, and put a rubber band around it. Leave it in a room temperature, dark place for 7-10 days and recheck it! It will look all kinds of weird. Your SCOBY may look like a nasty piece of ham, grow layers, sink, float, etc. These are all a part of the process!

Let me know if you have any questions and please tell me how it goes for you.